Prerequisite: Intro to Combatives

Class Size: 8-30

This class follows up where the Intro left off. Getting straight into practical exercises, you will begin to learn more advanced and violent techniques of winning a close quarters fight on the street. The instructors will lead you through utilization of the improvised striking tools, weapon take aways as well as reversals and bettering a bad position. We will run striking drills to improve speed and accuracy and you will participate in force-on-force fighting scenarios with instructors wearing protective suits to get a realistic look at a street fight. This isn't the UFC - there are no octagons, referees or bells.

The following topics will be covered during the course:

Violence of action

Combination strikes

Going on the offense (buying time to get away)

Elbow Strikes

Knee Strikes

Chokes and choke escapes

Clench and under hook drills

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (position and submissions)


Deployment of improvised striking tools (keys, pen, knife, etc.)

Weapon take aways

Equipment: Athletic clothing, long pants, mouth guard

Disclaimer: This is a physically demanding course. It will be held indoors and on mats, but you must be free of any injuries and in decent physical condition.