Advanced Concealed Carry

Two Full Days

Prerequisite: Tactical Pistol Level 2

Class Size: 8-20

Advanced Concealed Carry is a two day course which builds on Tactical Pistol II and is designed to put the shooting techniques already learned to use in real world situational shooting drills for the concealed carry civilian. The course reviews the advanced shooting drills while learning to work around a concealment garment. We then move into blind shooting situations, which require the shooter to make quick decisions and target identification. This course focuses on realistic close quarters and contact shooting by clearing mocked up rooms and pieing doorways and walls. The first day is a long one and after the dinner break, everyone will head back for some low-light techniques and a low-light shoot. Utilizing sensory deprivation techniques and building blind stages, the shooter never knows what's around the next bend.

The following topics will be covered during the course:


Position Sul / High Ready


Gear Placement

Fundamentals of Shooting

Clearing Cover / Concealment

Shirt Malfunctions

Contact Shoots

Multiple Targets

Barricades / Dead Space Clearing

Shooting on the Move

Alternate Shooting Positions

Low-light Shooting

Ammunition Requirements: 800 rounds of pistol ammunition (approximate)

Gear List: Pistol, holster (strong side belt mounted, IWB are allowed), three magazines, magazine holder, belt, button-up cover shirt, hand-held tactical light and/or weapon mounted light, clear wrap-around eye protection, ear protection, weapons cleaning kit, water bottle, and rain gear.

NOTE: No shoulder, small of back, or ankle holsters will be allowed. You must have a strong side, belt mounted holster to participate.