Three Full Days

Prerequisite: VATA's Tactical Pistol Level I AND Tactical Carbine Level I (or equivalent)

Class Size: 6-12

VATA is teaming up with world-champion speed shooter Max Michel to present three action packed days of pistol and carbine. Students will be given instruction on the fundamentals of speed shooting, advanced firing positions, transitions, movements, shooting on the move and much more. You will learn how it all relates to real world situations and you will be tested under extreme conditions. The course focuses on the fundamentals of pistol/rifle marksmanship and how to apply these techniques in an advanced/dynamic manner. You can expect to receive training at a fast paced, high volume level while progressing to engaging targets rapidly, and accurately, from 3–50 meters as well as within 180 degrees. If you are LE/MIL or someone looking to increase your overall knowledge of both pistol and carbine in a stressful situation, this is the course for you.

The following topics will be covered during the course:

Fundamentals of Speed Shooting (stance, grip, recoil management, drawing from a holster, tactical & combat reloading)

Advanced Skills (transitioning from threat to threat at various distances, strong/support hand only, support side shooting with carbine, shot calling)

Position Techniques (restricted and unrestricted kneeling, prone, barricades/walls)

Movement (shooting on the move in every direction, entering and exiting positions)

Stress Fire (Each student will be put through multiple tactical situations, which will induce stress and test all skill sets learned over the course of training. At this time, the student will receive one on one critique and feed back to becoming faster and more efficient while maintaining accuracy.)

Ammunition Requirements: Minimum of 800 carbine rounds and minimum of 1,200 pistol rounds

Gear List: Pistol, holster, stiff pistol belt, three magazines (three is a minimum -- the more, the better), magazine holders, carbine, sling, four carbine magazines, carbine magazine holders, clear wraparound eye protection, ear protection, weapons cleaning kit, water bottle and rain gear.