Law Enforcement & Military Training

Courses Customized for Your Team's Specific Needs

VATA has worked with law enforcement, military, and government agencies throughout the U.S. We offer custom-designed training packages including advanced firearms, CQB, small unit tactics, non-permissive tactical vehicle training, and full mission scenarios that will take your agency/team/unit's training above and beyond the next level.

Based in southern Louisiana, VATA operates in a climate that can facilitate training throughout the year. Since our location is in very close proximity to the New Orleans airport and downtown New Orleans, travel is extremely easy, and with our close working relationships with local law enforcement, we have endless opportunities to conduct real world missions within the local areas on blemished and vacant buildings. We also have a very close relationship with NOLA Motorsports Park, which houses a full size racetrack and can facilitate an off-road training area. This, coupled with our team of adjunct driving instructors, allows us to teach a multitude of vehicle disciplines, from high speed vehicle handling to driving junkers around with no windows and conducting Tactical Vehicle Intervention (TVI) with OpFor and Simunitions.

  • Advanced combat shooting
  • Small unit tactics/unconventional warfare
  • MOUT operations
  • Close Quarters Battle (non-opposed and opposed)
  • High threat close protection
  • Vehicle training (on road, high speed)
  • Off-road vehicle training (technical)
  • Unimproved road vehicle training (rally)
  • Tactical vehicle operations
  • Vehicle CQB, TVI, PIT, Ramming

Simunition Training

VATA has a full complement of Simuntion FX training weapon conversion kits and can conduct all training evolutions, both live fire as well as FX force on force, providing trained Opposing Force and role players. Most people have conducted their operations in “high threat” environments, however, the key to learning whether your TTPs work or not is conducting operations in an “opposed” environment. VATA also has mobile capabilities and can travel based on the clients needs.


In addition to our primary location at Camp Villere, a National Guard post in Slidell, Louisiana, VATA also operates out of several privately owned ranges and training venues. If needed, we have access to weapons storage and lodging as well as a multitude of different training locations, allowing us to tailor your training package to very specifically suit your needs.

At VATA we have maintained the highest standard in training and professionalism and our instructors are some of the best in the world. We have an absolutely impeccable safety record and we are completely set up with our own equipment and comprehensive insurance policy.