Two Full Days

Prerequisite: None

Maximum Class Size: 10

Active Shooter Response is designed to give civilians who carry a firearm the knowledge and skill set to be able to safely and effectively react and defend themselves and their loved ones in the midst of an active shooter situation. This course covers modern day Close Quarters Battle (CQB) tactics, catered for 1- and 2-man response to an active killer event.

The following topics will be covered during the course:

• Dynamics of an active shooter event

• CQB fundamentals and principles

• Weapon positions

• Combat clearance

• Room entry & strong wall techniques

• Hard pointing

• Search to threat

• Direct to threat

Ammunition Requirements: None

Gear List: Holster, clear wraparound eye protection (reading type glasses are not acceptable), water

*We will be using Glock 17 dummy guns and Airsoft/Sims guns in this course. If you do not have a holster that will work, we have loaners that you can use.